“One cannot discover new oceans, unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” André Gide


With the help of God we have set out on a way towards building up a farm that…

…is HUMAN friendly and is pleasant to LIVE on.

…stands in HARMONY with NATURE and creates a self sustainable eco-system.

…supports the harmonious development of the region.

implements the DEVELOPMENT of the human being.

…makes living an IDEALISTIC life possible.

offers the possibility of applying personal ideas.

…challenges us to turn wisdom into action and to continue to enhance it.

is capable of providing us and others with an adequate life and lifestyle.

… offers security in, while stil allowing  the FLEXIBILITY, of life.

is built on ecological principles and is certified BIO for customers.

…is based on COOPERATION within the farm as well as externally.

…increases the soil fertility by using suitable crops and farming practices.

…is considering, over time, implementing alternative green energy sources (vegetable oil, solar cells, etc.) to avoid fossil fuel.

A genius is someone who has eyes for what is given him today.