"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African proverb

Our Workmen

…without them we wouldn’t thrive!


Andrei is our youngest employee operating the tractors and also maintaining them. He is the grandson of our night warden John and the nephew of Robi. We are happy to receive him in our Team!



Right from the start, Anna has been of great help with the daily courtyard activities. She comes from the village of Firiteaz and is of German origin. She gets on very well with the animals and our plants also get along very well with her.




works since the beginning of 2009 at Biofarmland. He lives in the neigbouring village and comes every morning with the bicycle to work. After several years of working together with Radu in construction we are happy that we decovered his wish to also help on the fields operating and maintaining the tractors.



…is from “our” village. He is a faithful tractorist and knows very well to handle the big “Kirovitz” – Tractor from Russia which he drives with devotion.


Nowadays there also exist… Office – Fairies, not only Fairies of Hills and Forests. We are glad about Larisa’s help, who joined our Biofarmland Team in 2017. She helps us one day per week with paperwork, supplying the Manufacturing department with all that is necesary for production and is responsible for quality control.


from Firiteaz, helps us manufacture our, always fresh milled, Bio-wholemeal flour made out of our cereals and helps cleaning up.  Her positive and shining character bring a lot of joy into our worklife…


His area and kingdom is the selection and cleaning of the cereals which needs some experience to be according to the wishes of the customer. He is responible also for the charging of the vans. As he is living next to our farmtract, he shows the vandrivers the right way even out ofside of work hours.


… is our neighbor at the machine halls. He works as a warden since the autumn of 2015. He loves animals and has brought some ducks along to his guardhouse, which he did not want to slaughter.


… is Andrei’s father and our third warden. He is always on hand helping when the crops need to be guarded from the sheep.


… is Lenuta’s husband and is one of the three wardens, who guard the fence from the sheep. He happily attends to the recently planted trees and bushes.


Petru Moldovan, living in “our” village Firiteaz as well, is guardian at the fruit orchard and the horse meadow. Some Romanian shepherd dogs help him while doing his job.


… works since 2007 at Biofarmland. In the meantime he doesn’t live anymore on the farm land but is happily married and has a house in the village. He performs a lot of construction work and likes to watch for tidiness on the farm. We appreciate this!


… works since spring 2008 on our farm and lives very close to our machinery hall. Not long ago he got the licence for driving a van with which we gladly offered to help him. In summertime he is doing a great job working our fields with the tractor and we can count also on his talent in reparing machines.


… since the very beginning of our herb business, Rodica was helping us every year with cultivating and collecting plants. Meanwhile she knows very well how to handle the tasks, is working less frequently on the field, and is responsible for a good qualitative drying of plants in summertime. In manufacturing she is producing different kinds of Mustard and is doing the packaging of the teas.


…is since June 2013 at Biofarmland. She is living right next to our office in Firiteaz. Some years ago she helped us cultivating and collecting teas and herbs. Meanwhile she has become a Mother and has finished her education as a book-keeper. We are happy to receive her back and are glad to have her help in the office.


Laughing is the pleasure of life, Therfore smile and be happy!