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The cultivation of herbs has grown and become a branch of our firm. We have built up a manufacture in which, with women from the village, we produce with love and care diverse natural products which we predominantly sell in Romania.

Tea – my passion
Mustard – My Ambition
Organic Cereals – Our Mission


Since the beginning it was a dream of mine, next to the grain cultivation, which is our backbone and main support, to offer work to local women in our little village. The things that we manufacture are therefore also the means to an end, not just a goal itself.

Through using a holistic approach we would like to create a possiblity to free people from the constrictions of medicine; through organic farming. The desired results being: healthy food, medicinal herbs and all these things done with the divine light to guiding us.

“From the bottom to the top”; straight from the field to the store, directly to the customer; we wish direct contact with customers in order to build a social network that it is working hand in hand even in situations of crisis.

Good things take their time. This awareness influences our work at Biofarmland and is at the same time the foundation for our Qualitiy guidelines. (Qualitiy before Quantity).
It is not necesary to “help” natures taste artificially! Neither colorants nor artificial aromas nor conservants – preservatives – would dare to disturb the purity and taste of our products.

Virgin soils, a sensitive behaviour toward Mother Nature and experiences collected over many years make Biofarmlands products natural and unfaked food full of LIFE, making us al remember “grandmothers times”.

The aims are high quality foods full of life, because nowadays they are unfortunately very rare to find. Therefore…

  • our products are 100 % organic
  • we manufacture our products with love and care
  • the flours are milled always fresh and only on demand, with a mill, that does not heatup the flour!
  • we use where needed instead of white sugar only organic honey
  • our product fulfill the quality standard of being RAW!

We hope you enjoy them!

Wie die zarten Blumen…

…willig sich entfalten

und der Sonne stille halten

lass uns so

still und froh

Deine Strahlen fassen

und Dich wirken lassen.

Listening with an open heart and responding responsibly, this means following your mission.